"   I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.   "
Audrey Hepburn (via luciferslittlecunt)
"   If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?   "
One of the most eye opening things I’ve read in a while (via agirlnamedally)

It really has just come down to tjid. Just me, more inner me and thoughts, no putting it out to the cyner net or hsving people thst wanr ti hear it. Its just this, whats right here, what im doing and what gets done. This is all it is


i got 99 problems and probably about 94 of them come from my lack of motivation to do anything


in norwegian, we don’t say “i love you,” we say “det som engang var” which means “my love for you burns brighter than a church” and i think that’s beautiful

Det som engang var means ‘what once was’ lol it should be, ‘min kjærlighet til deg brenner lysere enn en kirke’
"   Silence is beautiful, not awkward. The human tendency to be afraid of something beautiful is awkward.   "
Elliott Kay (via smokekulture)